Climbing net chimney

Climbing net chimney

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A climbing-net-chimney is rotating around a steel-post of 20 cm diameter, 4 m long. It's separated by a ring 2 m diameter, which builds an additional playing floor with two seats.

Regarding the price, the climbing-net-chimney is an interesting new one of the "Maxi-Carousels". The hand wheel increases the plying value

Art. no. 20.01.150


  • 1 steel-post: Ø 19,40 cm, 5,00 m long
  • 1 rotating-element
  • 1 package netting incl. wrapped steel ring, Ø 2,00 m
  • 1 package rubber floor with net and accessories, Ø 1,40 m


  • 1 handwheel
  • Digging dimension: 1,30 x 1,30 x 1,10 m incl. seepage layer
  • Required space incl. safety area:
    mandatory safety area: Ø 8,00 m
    recommended safety area: Ø 11,00 m
  • Height of fall: 2,80 m

scale drawing

Turmkreisel 1 s

To embed in concrete. Netting deliverable in different colors.

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