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Free space for children in order to develope their fantasy, their skills and movements

It is created on the physical basic know how. With a few elements it fulfi lls the demand for a playing complex, interesting for landscaping architects. The wooden blocks can be used for chilling and lolling, a swing as a bird's nest can also be added.
The different parts can be combined referring to the space which is available.

The tubes are of stainless steel and can be easily installed with conrete plates and the netting is made of 16 mm Hercules-rope.

Art. no. 20.02.000

  • Module A (straight)
  • Module B (slanted)
  • Module C (wooden platforms)
  • Net connections
  • Bird's nest

required floor space - exampel 12 x 9 m

Serpentes 2-web
Serpentes 3-web

more Special-Series

  • Switch Back
  • Serpentes
  • Schlendrian
  • Meeting Point
  • Skylab
  • Swinging two by two
  • Hip-Hop-Serie
  • Rotary Mouse
  • Rope dancer
  • Tread Mill
  • Spring-parcours
  • Net Tree
  • comet tail

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