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Our new playing parts are building kind of switchback when installed like a snake.

The single modules are filled with nettings of 16 mm Hercules-rope and can be combined in any way. The visual appearance is either clear or like a wave or snake. The installation can be made very easily and cheaply by concrete blocks for digging in. The modules are suitable for sitting, relaxing, climbing etc. Height of fall is approx. 1 m for gras as underground. Supplyable are 8 different kinds: no. 1 – no. 5.
With nets preinstalled.

Art. no. 20.02.400

  • Made of steinless steel (diameter 42mm)
  • Nets of 16mm Hercules-rope
  • Height of fall: 1m
  • Measurement 1 modul: approx. 1 x 2 m

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