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Playground equipment


Spring Mouse

Rotary Mouse

Art.Nr. 20.01.111

It gives your playground a new face.

The mouse, which is optically an enrichment for every playground, is rotating an carrying a net in its stomach. Our rotating-element is located below, which guarantees enormous fun.


  • 1 rotation circle with socket
  • 1 playing part „mouse“, ca. 1,60 m Ø
  • Foundation size:1,20 m x 1,20 m x 1,15 m + 10 cm drainage
  • Required floor space incl. safety area:
    Recommended safety area: 9,00 m Ø
    Mandatory safety area: 6,00 Ø
  • Height of fall: 2,00 m

Any questions?

Call us, we will be glad to advise you personally.

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If you want it to be a little more colorful, other colors are available upon request.

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